Semi di Papavero da Oppio varietà bianca (India)




Con questi semi è possibile coltivare il proprio Papavero (Papaver somniferum). Gli oppiacei possono essere estratti dalla pianta matura.

Non consumare i semi, sono destinati alla coltivazione di piante Somniferum papaver.

Genere White, provenienza: India.


La coltivazione del papavero da oppio è proibita dalla legge italiana.


Papaver somniferum

poppy white (india), 5 g

Papaver somniferum, commonly known as the opium poppy, is a beautiful plant that is very easy to grow. The seeds do not contain any psychoactive substances, but the fully grown plant contains a number of sedative alkaloids.


For an ideal environment you should grow the plants in a fertilized garden with good draining, but they also grow in a pot, provided that there is enough space for the roots. The seeds can be planted anytime between September and April. If winter frosts are common in your area, don’t plant the seeds until the end of the winter or early spring, as the plants that grow from seeds sown in autumn and winter may die with the subsequent frosts. Spread the seeds on the ground and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. Water them well until they germinate, keeping the soil humid. The seeds will start growing within a week. Do not water them too much at first, otherwise the roots may start to rot.