In offerta!

‘Haze Invaders’ Flask Bong





  • Material Borosilicate Glass
  • Eigenschaft MO Haze Invaders
  • Height 250mm
  • Diameter 105/42mm
  • Grind SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
  • Wall Thickness 4mm
  • Perkolator/Diffusor no
  • Ice yes
  • Kickhole yes, with Plug
  • Oil no
  • Info Diffuser Slit Adapter L 120mm

The attack of the cute and welcome Haze Invaders can only be successful with this handy piston bong, because the draught is galactic!

The diffusor adapter provides many water and air swirls and therefore a pleasant cooling and filtering of smoke. The lift-off bowl is for herbs, the kick hole for total blaze is equipped with a plug, and there is also an ice chamber for ice-cold hits.

The middle small icebong is very robust with a wall thickness of 4mm, while inhaling is very pleasant with the comfortably rounded mouthpiece. By the way, the enchanting motif design is made by #chaoskind.